Useful Links (create a free profile and tell Paul and Rob, Brian S. sent you. Great website for networking with the Faithful, you will not regret) (everything you need to about your Catholic Faith is here, the Fatima conferences are wonderful and thought provoking, the information on the false Vatican 2 Church and it’s hierarchy is overwhelming, lives of Saints, and meditations throughout the liturgical year with a link to the sermon of the day) (The Catholics Bible, with information on Protestant errors. You can read the whole thing online or find any verse by number or word search.) (Also run by Paul and Rob, but initiated by St. Francis de Sales in his constant battles against Protestants. Hands down this site is the best quick reference site for refuting the most common errors of protesters of the One True Faith. Backed with quotes from Scripture it will easily help turn their versions of the Bible against them.) (what’s wrong with the new “Catholicism” of Vatican 2? Find.out here with podcasts and articles on the latest messes. I have even done some research and writing for this one!) (great source for Catholic information, reasons  and meanings of prayers, customs, beliefs, traditions, heresies etc.) (another Catholic anti-vatican 2 site filled with good articles) (head to the Novus Ordo Gallery and scroll down to see how many different Holy “Messes” these modernists have come up with.) (although some V2 publications are sold tan is still a great source for all the classic Catholic literature you could want to read about and they often have promotions.)

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