To My Wife


You are God’s gift to me.

My soulmate

My lover

My Best Friend

My Wife

It is I who am offered up each day on the altar, true God and true man, under the appearance of bread. I am the very one who has chosen you. Honor my Father! Love me! Obey my Spirit! Defer to my Mother as to your Lady! Honor all my saints! Keep the true faith taught to you by one who experienced in himself the conflict between the two spirits, the spirit of falsehood and the spirit of truth, and with my help conquered.
Preserve true humility! What is true humility if not to render praise to God for the good things he has given us?
Nowadays, however, there are many people who hate me and who regard my deeds and my words as painful and empty. They welcome that adulterer, the devil, with wide arms, and they love him. Whatever they do for me, they do it with grumbling and resentment. They would not even confess my name, if they were not afraid of the opinion of others.
They have such a sincere love of the world that they never tire working for it night and day and are always fervent in their love for it. Their service is about as pleasing to me as if someone were to give his enemy money to kill his son. This is what they do.
They give me some alms and honor me with their lips in order to gain worldly success and to remain in their privileges and in their sin. The good spirit is thus impeded in them from making any progress in virtue.
If you want to love me with your whole heart and to desire nothing but me, I will draw you to me through charity, just like a magnet or lodestone draws iron to itself. I will lay you on my arm, which is so strong that no one can stretch it out and so rigid that no one can bend it back once outstretched. It is so sweet that it surpasses every fragrance and cannot be compared with the delights of this world.”
Consider these lessons concerning the practice of virtue and the gaining of grace from Me through the Immaculate Heart of your Blessed Mother Mary.
If it be patience, you must strive to bear with eager courage those evils which befall you.
If it be humility, you must recall in all your sufferings that they are far less than you deserve.
If it be obedience, you must resign your will to the will of God Who justly punishes you.
For love of Him submit yourself, not only to rational creatures, but to situations which are the instruments of divine justice.
If it be poverty, be content under your affliction, though deprived of the comforts and conveniences of life.
If it be charity, exert yourself in forming acts of love of God and neighbor, remembering that when others try your patience, they present to you an opportunity of increasing your merit.
And recall that God, in sending or permitting the evils which besiege you, has no other view than your spiritual good.

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