To My Children


I love you as much as Our Father in Heaven loves and wishes for your immortal souls to be happy with Him for eternity. My job is to ensure you have the means to enable you to see your Creator face to face forever. Because in loving and honoring Our Father in Heaven I am required, and desire to go to whatever lengths are necessary; even at the expense of my own soul to ensure that, you are raised faithful and practicing Catholics. Catholics because this is the Church established by Christ through His Apostles and throughout the whole world; the Ark for the flood and the purging of the world to come.

You have 2 choices when you wake up everyday, you can either live to serve God in every thought, word, and deed or you can live for yourself. Always seek and desire the truth in things not just the apparent good. God is the source of all goodness without which we can do no good. And know that in order to truly succeed in this world a full distrust of yourself and full confidence in God is what you need every single moment of this life.

This world is our Garden of Eden. It is YOUR workshop for YOUR own salvation and must be used, and always regarded as such. Respect for the creatures and things of God must be with the highest reverence but the lowest attachment. For all is temporal, and this is not your permanent home. Your permanent home resides with The Author of life in Heaven. YOU are all called to be Saints, you are all called to perfection not progress. And it is my job to ensure you recieve adequate means to achieve this.

YOU are also your own worst enemy, and the Devil knows this. He will take advantage of this however, society will just as easily have you believe that the Devil does not exist as to justify their actions and wrongdoings. Know this, that the only one that may decide the fate of one’s soul is the eternal Judge. God will give you justice, and true justice consists in self-condemnation. When we are face to face with God we see perfection and goodness in its truest form, and with a stained soul we will flee faster than light from His sight into the depths of Hell forever.

People will always talk about the mercy of God. But true justice and mercy is letting our lives speak for themselves. Those are the FACTS. Facts and Truth are certain, forever just as true love should be. Your lives will illustrate to your Creator how much you lived for Him and in honor of Him or for yourselves. Follow the natural order of what is good and right and true. Just as so many children are left with broken homes and divorced parents, babies being slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers out of selfishness. You will see people reap what they sow as you do the same, even in this life. But know at the end of days and during the general judgement you will be vindicated and justified in all your doings if you clearly lived for God.

Daily ponder the words always, and never, as they pertain to eternity and your salvation. There are only 2 places you can go forever, death is inevitable, and as a tree when it falls, lies the same way forever, so the soul when separated from the body will go one direction or another for eternity. Your senses deceive you constantly, the Devil being the prince of this world uses them to entice you. Think about the health of your soul constantly and know that without sanctifying grace at death it cannot see God. That is a FACT. Because with sanctifying grace God dwells within us and we cannot get to Heaven without Him.

God has given or will give you everything you need for your salvation. In order to take advantage of the trials and tribulations He allows, we must be in the state of Grace as well be dead to ourselves and more than willing to step outside and stay outside our comfort zones. No one gets to Heaven by putting their feet up and manipulating verses in the Bible, or even just believing that they are a good person.

Study with the greatest ferocity the life of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. Especially His Passion and Death as every lesson you need in life, is in His. When you take Christ out of the picture, life ceases both for the soul and the society. Their are examples of Saints and miracles throughout history that are again FACTS and no one pays attention to them or refutes them despite overwhelming testimony and accounts. AKA follow the Saints!! The greater portion of this world is damned, which means the greater number of people you know are damned and you do not want to be one of those souls. You don’t want the people you know to be those souls either!! Order your life as such.

Listen for truth in every time and age. Look at the Jewish traditions of the Old Testament and the Catholic traditions in the New Testament and how they are related. Look into the depths of life and see how much of the world was at one point Catholic and what happened and where they are and what the believe now. Everything that claims to be Christian was at one point influenced or stemmed from Catholicism. It has always been about whether or not the people could live up to the moral standards of God and His Church, not that God needs to change His moral standards for men. He is changeless and good forever. God is not the source of evil in this world; pride, and love of life and “liberty” are the biggest antagonists in society and your life. Examples are everywhere in the Bible and in dealing with people from day to day.

You are at a point and becoming conscience of a time in this world where charity has grown cold. People hate each other, and everyone is out for themselves. True Catholicism is almost completely underground and you will be called fanatical, judgemental, and scouraged verbally just as Christ was whipped to near death handcuffed to a pillar during His blessed Passion.

While the Jews were the Chosen People of the Promise, Catholics are the Chosen People of the Fulfillment, as the New Covenant has replaced the Old, as the Reality has replaced the foreshadowing. The Jews and Gentiles who accepted Christ are Catholics, not Protestants, not Islamist. True Catholicism is having the Faith that Christ is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament for us to take advantage of IF we are worthy. We are worthy by confessing our sins to a priest and receiving absolution as much as humanly possible so that we may take Holy Communion as much as possible so that when our hour comes we are in a perfect state to see God.

If you view everything in history through the lens of your what you were made to be, a saint in Heaven with God; to know, love, and serve Him in this world to get there…you will either rise to the occasion of saving your soul and that of those (as many that will hear your words, and see your actions for what they really are), around you; or you will not, which is where everyone is headed because its easy.

Your commandments for living ARE the 10 Commandments, your daily virtues to practice ARE the 8 Beatitudes. Your weapons ARE the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, all 7 sacraments, the Rosary, the Brown Sacapular, and Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, as well as Faith, Hope, Love of God, Love of Neighbor, Poverty, Chastity/Purity, Obedience, Meekness and Humility, Mortification, Recollection, Prayer, Self-denial and love of the cross.

You have all the Saints and the life of Christ to look to as examples for how you are supposed to live. You have our Blessed Mother to turn to, she helped me escape so much and keeps me going and protected even now. Pray the Rosary everyday. The third secret of Fatima has yet to be released but it has been more than hinted that what Our Lady stated happened to be the disastrous 2nd Vatican Council in the 1960s. Free masons and communists have turned the “Catholic Church” into an apparatus for the New World Order and the Zionist Jews, who are behind everything. Politics, media, and the banks are all controlled by them and they are attempting to get the process of rebuilding the 3rd temple rolling.

During the council of Trent, it was stated that 3 things needed to happen before we saw the start of the end of the world. Those three things are that:

1. The true Gospel be spread all over the world so that everyone has the chance to be saved. The true Catholic Church is the only Church that goes all the way back to the time of Christ and has been available for all men of all ages.

2. That there be a general apostasy from the Faith. This happened after the 2nd Vatican Council, who’s fruits consisted in the abondment of the religion revealed by God to begin to make one world religion.

3. The arrival of the Anti-Christ. This has yet to happen but will once this temple is rebuilt.

Two out of three of the conditions have been met and we are awaiting the 3rd. Depending on when you read this and if you get to, there will probably be terrible persecutions toward true Catholics from all sides…dont give in as martyrdom while attached to the true Faith offers a sure fire way to get home to Heaven. Fear no man, and know that if you deny Christ here on earth you will be denied by Him at the entrance of eternal life.

As long as you strive to live in truth and justice I am, and will always be with you. I hope to share much more with you in the years to come but you will always have this site to reference. This is my gift to you, the truth and how to find it. This is how much I love you, now go be soldiers of Christ, and know that I am with you in Christ. God Bless you!

Your Dad

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