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Religious Liberty

“And if any man think himself to be religious, not bridling his tongue, but deceiving his own heart, this man’ s religion is vain.” James 1:26

The illusion that we can get to everlasting joy in Heaven by doing anything we want but what God the Son has commanded of us. Just because you have the right to do something doesnt make it right to do. Liberalism in all its forms is heretical to the teachings of Christ. What is being achieved by liberalism, is fulfillment of the needs and wants of man disguised as lawful, politically correct, etc.

People just do not care anymore. “Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.” James 14:16 People these days appeal to things that give them options. They are unaware of the design of their punishments according to their accounts. Protestants have taken all the hard, meriting, works, and religous thinking from the Church of Christ. There is no confession, there is no repercussion for actions. People look for justice when it comes to.murder,  rape, and child disciplines. They don’t however consider adultry, birth control, divorce, abortion, gay marriage, all the unnatural things that have now become human rights. Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not commit adultry. These are the commandmants of God. Our Creator, is pushed away, mankind is so enveloped in what they think they have a right to.

Mankind (prominent in America) believes it is owed something, for being made from absolutely nothing; it is held in existence by its Creator of which everyone has elected to ignore, modify, or destroy to their liking. Morality has been perverted, obedience done away with, and religion shunned in exchange for made up “spirituality”. Truth is nonexistent,  and people worry more about the environment and making it to the gym than the salvation of their own souls for eternity.

Everyone in this day and age is a victim, yet no one is wrong. Accountability for one’s self is rare, and blame is about as abundant as the court cases our media spews at us. The general notion of God has become someone who is a friend and buddy more so then a Lord and Creator of all things.  There is no reverence,  people do not bow their heads when the Holy Name of Jesus is said, they don’t kneel instead they hold hands in prayer and focus on each other. The sign of the cross is never made even though the cross is the sign of salvation for all mankind.

People wish to divorce Christ from His Cross. They do not want to be reminded of His pain and suffering for our salvation. They only want the good elements of religion, without the suffering,  the prayer, and most importantly the sacrifices. People only want the benefits of responsibility without the responsibility itself, when someone gets in the way of that its infringing on human rights. They want sex for pleasure,  families are planned these days with picking the number and gender of kids they have, to their liking.

Natural order has been completely obscured, pride runs rampant leading to other deadly ways of living. As with Free Masons and other such groups,  human rights take the place of what is actually right,  and good.  An animal has more rights and focus then a fetus. Mankind has options for everything. Surgery to change anything you want, endless music and static, movies, and TV shows. Everything you need to forget your problems, and your true commitments. 

The teaching of the Protestant reformers contradict reason:

There are many beliefs put forward in the writings of the Protestant reformers which are anti-Christian, illogical and contradict reason. One example we give here is the theology put forth by Calvin, Zwingle and Beza which in summary says that it is God’s will that we sin, and because we cannot avoid the will of God, we can not act otherwise, therefore we are not at fault for any sin. Where in Scripture is this taught we ask? This blatantly contradicts reason and Scripture.Another belief put forth in the writings of Calvin mentions the Law of God is impossible. What else does this imply other than Our Lord is a tyrant who commands impossible things? If it is impossible, why is it commanded?

Even more absurd is the belief of Luther, Zwingle, and Calvin that the whole Church may have erred for a thousand or so years in understanding the Word of God, yet these reformers can each guarantee they understand it right! “If the salt lose its savor, wherewith shall it be salted?” Matthew 5:13. In other words if the Church, the guardian of truth, were to lose the truth, by whom shall the truth be found? By Luther? By Calvin? We find it infinitely more likely that the Protestant reformers erred rather than the entire Church. 

Another absurdity we see with the Protestant reformers is their claim that the Catholic Church has erred, and that all men can err, and then follow this by preaching their own interpretation of certain verses of the Scriptures, claiming it as the Word of God. If everyone else has erred or is capable of erring, how can the Protestant reformers be so audacious to claim they have not erred?

Another absurd belief of the Protestant reformers is that we must interpret the Scriptures by the analogy of faith. This can only lead to countless denominations with opposing views, and when any of these opposing denominations presents their view of a verse in Scripture, Protestants admire every interpretation given as though all are acceptable to God! This is illogical, for as we mention above, if one denomination believes in the real presence in the Holy Eucharist while another believes the Eucharist is just a symbol, only one can be correct. The real presence is either TRUE, or IDOLATRY, so believing one or the other will decide whether or not we are saved. Where in Scripture did Jesus say believing in two totally opposite views is acceptable? In addition, where else in the world is such a belief accepted that many views are acceptable? Surely mathematicians and scientists do not allow multiple beliefs for the same situation and neither do we see such an illogical belief anywhere else. Yet how illogical is it for the Protestant reformers to suddenly propose an “all beliefs are acceptable” belief starting in the 16th century?

Considering we all believe in Jesus and what He taught us, is it not more logical for Jesus to have left seven Sacraments for the justification and sanctification of the sinner rather than leave just two, one of which serves for nothing and the other for little? Would it not be more logical for Jesus to have left the power of absolving in the Church then to have not left it at all? Would it not be more logical for Our Lord to have left a visible Church, which is universal, of striking aspect, and perpetual than to have left it little, secret, scattered and liable to corruption? Our Lord and His Apostles taught truth, never contradiction.These illogical beliefs and contradictory teachings which we mention above are clearly either contrary to the teachings of Christ, contradict reason or contradict themselves, and the Protestant reformers propose many of these beliefs in their reformation as medicine for the Church?

God Bless BJS!!