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​Sphere of Infallibility


Since the time of Christ, from the first council of the Apostles in Jerusalem in the year 50, to the last Vatican Council in 1870, there have been held in all twenty-one general or ecumenical councils. The Vatican Council, shown above, declared the dogma of the infallibility of the Pope.


    When does the Church teach infallibly? –The Church teaches infallibly when it defines, through the Pope alone, as the teacher of all Christians, or through the Pope and the bishops, a doctrine of faith or morals to be held by all the faithful.The Church, as the representative or substitute of Jesus Christ on earth, is infallible, and speaks with His own words: “This is why I was born, and why I have come into the world, to bear witness to the truth” (John 18:37). 

  1. When the Church makes an infallible pronouncement, we are not to suppose that a new doctrine is being introduced. For instance, when the Holy Father in 1854 defined the Blessed Virgin’s Immaculate Conception as an article of faith, the infallible definition was not a proclamation of a new doctrine, but was merely an announcement of an article of faith true from the very beginning, and publicly defined only in order to make the dogma clear to all and to be believed as part of the deposit of faith left to the Church.Another example is the definition of the Holy Father’s infallibility, made in 1870 by the Vatican Council. The dogma was true from the very beginning, and had been universally held. But as in recent times many objections were being made against it, the Bishops in the Vatican Council thought it best, in order to make clear the stand of the Church, to make an infallible definition. 
  2. The Church makes infallible pronouncements on doctrines of faith and morals, on their interpretation, on the Bible and Tradition, and the interpretation of any part or parts of these. The dogma of the Inmaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin was an interpretation of a long-standing Tradition in the Church.The Church also pronounces on the truth or falsity of opinions, teachings, customs, etc., with relation to fundamental doctrines. Another subject on which the Church makes infallible declarations is in the canonization of Saints. All whom the Church has raised to the glory of the altar by a solemn canonization are undoubtedly now in heaven, enjoying eternal bliss in the presence of God.
    When does the Church teach infallibly through the Pope alone? –The Church teaches infallibly through the Pope alone, when he speaks officially (ex cathedra) as the Supreme Head, for the entire universal Church.As the Pope has authority over the Church, he could not err in his official teaching without leading the Church into error. As Our Lord said to Peter, the first Pope: “I have prayed for thee, that thy faith may not fail; and do thou, when once thou hast turned again, strengthen thy brethren” (Luke 22:31-32).In order to speak infallibly, the Pope must speak ex-cathedra, or officially, under the following conditions: 

  1. He must pronounce himself on a subject of faith or morals. Infallibility is restricted to questions regarding faith and morals. The Church pronounces on natural sciences and on legislation only when the perversity of men makes of them instruments for opposing revealed truths.If the Pope should make judgments on mathematics or civil governments, he is as liable to error as any other man with the same experience. Letters to kings and other rulers are not infallible pronouncements. However, we should hold the Pope’s opinions on any subject with great respect, on account of his position and experience. 
  2. He must speak as the Vicar of Christ, in his office as Pope, and to the whole Church, to all the faithful throughout the world. In his capacity as private teacher, for example, in his encyclical letters, he is as any other teacher of the Church.Should the Pope, like Benedict XIV, write a treatise on Canon Law, his book would be written in a private capacity, and liable to error, just as the books of other theologians. We accept, not on faith, but in obedience to his authority, out of respect for his experience and wisdom. 
  3. He must make clear by certain words his intention to speak ex-cathedra. These words are most often used: “We proclaim,” “we define,” etc.The Pope’s infallible decrees are termed “doctrinal,” since they involve doctrine. From the earliest days of the Church, the infallibility of the Pope has been acknowledged. In the year 417 the Holy See condemned the Pelagian errors; St. Augustine cried out the famous words, “Rome has spoken; the cause is ended!” The Council of Florence in 1439 called the Pope “the Father and Teacher of Christians.”
    When does the Church teach infallibly through the Pope and the bishops? –The Church teaches infallibly through the Pope and the bishops when convened in a general (or ecumenical) council. [when they INTEND to teach infallibly(RMO)] 

  1. A General Council is an assembly convened by the Holy See, of all the bishops of the world, and others entitled to vote. It represents the teaching body of the Church, and must be infallible.In the year 50 the Apostles held the first General Council in Jerusalem. Its decisions were proclaimed as coming from God, the final decree beginning with these words: “For the Holy Spirit and we have decided to lay no further burden upon you” (Acts 15:28) 
  2. Over a General Council, the Pope or his legate presides; a representative number of bishops and others entitled to vote, such as cardinals, abbots, and generals of certain religious orders, must be present. Upon confirmation by the Pope, a General Council’s decrees are binding on all Christians.It must be understood that the decrees of a General Council have no binding authority until confirmed by the Pope. There is no appeal from the Pope to a General Council. 
  3. A unanimous vote is not necessary for an infallible decision of a general council; a great majority is sufficient.The most notable of the General Councils so far held following the Council of Jerusalem have been: (1) the Council of Nicea, in the year 325, which pronounced against the heresy of Arius; (2) the Council of Ephesus, in the year 425, which declared Mary the Mother of God; (3) the Council of Nicea. in 787, which declared the veneration of images as lawful and profitable; (4) the Council of Trent, 1545-1563, which declared against the heresies of Luther; (5) the Council of the Vatican, 1870, which defined as an article of faith the doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope. 
  4. Even when the bishops are not gathercd together in one place, they form the teaching body of the Church, united with the Pope. Therefore their voice must be infallible, otherwise the universal Church would be led into error. For the same reason as above, the daily ordinary uniform teaching of the Church in every place in the whole World is infallibly true.“Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15).

This article has been taken from “My Catholic Faith” I am not the author merely the distributor.God Bless BJS!!

Papal Authority

 “And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose upon earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.”

So called Catholics today are under the notion that the pope, when elected, assumes all freedom from human error. They wrongly assume that he is no longer human and everything he says and does is law and belief of the Catholic Church and this is not so. In a previous post I discussed some errors with modern clergy that contradicts official Catholic teaching; in this post I would like to go into more detail on what should be expected of the Pope, how modern clergy are not Catholic, and some examples.
To start the Pope is considered the Vicar of Christ on Earth when he lives up to the position and is in full communion with the Catholic Church. That is to say a pope remains the pope if he is not considered a heretic or a schismatic, publicly or otherwise.One cannot be the head of any corporation and be a strong proponent in the opposition. They would get booted out of office. Whether or not he is denounced publicly or privately he is either Catholic, or not. If he is not Catholic he ceases to be head of the Catholic Church.

Once again Canon Law (188) Section (4) states: ”By tacit resignation through operation of law, all offices become vacant automatically [ipso facto] and without ANY declaration if a cleric… (4) publicly defects from the Catholic faith.”

When there exists a Catholic Pope in office it is a Catholic’s duty to listen and adhere to the truths of the Faith. When there is not a Catholic Pope in office it is a Catholic’s duty to combat erroneous teachings, as well not recognize imposter clergy as being Catholic, and resist the changes to God’s Holy Mass. The pope is infallible in teaching moral truths of the Faith, repudiating enemies of the Church, and its ordinary teachings of the Faith. This occurs when the pope is actually Catholic.

Since 1958 with Pope Pius XII being the last pope that was not a public heretic, we sedevacantists believe that the chair of Peter has been empty. This is not the first time in history this has happened (popes have died without successors) but this has been the longest in Church history and has been foretold in Scripture. “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Matthew 7:15

The Roman Pontiff (when truly Catholic) is the Supreme Head of Christ’s Church on Earth.  If you disobey a true pope you are committing as much of a crime against God as obeying in false obedience to things you know deep down are wrong and immoral. Both against God and His Supreme natural order over all created things. The Catholic Church is now facing every single heresy it conquered in the past all aimed at it at once.

Let us take a look at the so-called legacy of the “pope” John Paul II:

-He was praised for abandoning the Faith, praised for ecumenism, for having human rights in mind, but never for upholding the Catholic Faith.

-He kissed the Qur’an publicly, a book that denies the divinity of Christ and that He died for us on the cross.

-He removed a crucifix from an altar in Assisi and replaced it with a statue of a golden buddha, it was then incensed by buddhist monks in 1986

-He performed, as well as praise voodoo religion, worshipping of demons and false gods.

– He praised Martin Luther who stated Jesus Christ committed adultery three times. Mr. Luther was called a deeply spiritual man by JP2.

-Praised a joint declaration on justification with Lutherans that denies the teachings on justification from the Council of Trent.

-Declaring non-Catholic religions are means of salvation, contrary to the Catholic dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation. And that these other religions be taught to children.

-The promulgation of the ecumenical directory, which permits abominable acts of communication in sacred things with heretics and schismatics.

-Permission of Catholics to be married in front of Protestant religions and giving Holy Communion to non-Catholics.

-Permitting Zoroastrian priests to worship fire, which is the oldest form of idolatry,  in Assisi. The reason why God called Abraham out of Aur to found the Faith upon him.

-Beatification of Mother Theresa who did not strive to convert the Hindus, instead told them to be good Hindus in Time Magazine. 

-Promulgation of document concerning communion with “particular churches” that are in “partial communion” with the Church of Christ. Finding reasons to say that these sources are legitimate ways of salvation. Stating these sects have “essential elements of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church” which is directly contrary to the Apostle’s Creed itself which is insistent on one Church of Christ.

-Approval of a mass for Nestorian heretics in Iraq that has no words of consecration,  and permission to Chaldean Catholics to attend this empty mass in order to fulfill their Sunday obligation. 

-Believed and taught there is no fire in Hell.

-Taught that Jews were our “big brothers” in the Faith. Approval of a document that states their expectations of a messiah are not in vain.

-Permitting American  Bishops to teach that we should not attempt to convert the Jews to Christ because they have their own covenant with God, which is a blasphemy.

-Stating that Muslims, Christians, and Jews all worship the same God. Even though Jews and Muslims deny Jesus Christ is God.

-Drinking a ritual potion of a pagan ceremony in the Fiji Islands.

– Permitting himself to be marked, using cow dung, by the sign of Shiva the Hindu God of destruction. 

-Numbers of times he has had heretical and schismatic groups perform their rights and blessings in Catholic Churches. People that are no more priest than your mailman.

-Declaring non-Catholic religions have Apostolic missions from God.

-New Code of Cannon Law which gives rise to particular churches, communion of non-Catholics, and mortal sins of Catholics participating in the worship of non-Catholics.

-He stated in a Lutheran Church that the miracles of Christ do not prove his messianic dignity, which is in direct contrary to the teaching of the first Vatican Council in 1870.

-Use of a bare breasted 18 year old American college student to read the Epistle at mass in New Guinea.

-Giving pectoral crosses to Anglican Bishops permitting that the document Apostoligae Cure (by Pope Leo XIII in 1899 condeming Anglican orders, final statement on topic), be reevaluated. These crosses are given only to Catholic Bishops, these Anglicans are just lay people.

-Anglican Bishop installed as an official to the Roman See. The same people who can’t figure out from the Bible that sodomy is a sin and have women priests.

-Just consider the general abandonment of orthodoxy: most Catholics use artifical birth control, priests committed and are committing unspeakable immoral crimes, nuns are now feminist and pro-choice.

-No Faith, or piety.

-Consider the shape of Catholic education on all levels, and how much immortality now reigns.

Saint Pope Pius the X saw the effects of modernism coming and in 1910 wrote a papal encyclical stating that all clergy would have to swear an oath against it. In 1884 Pope Leo XIII had a vision after mass with God and Satan 

Satan said, “I could destroy Your Church if I had the time, and more power over those who give themselves over to my service.” And then Pope Leo heard Christ to answer, “You have the power, you have the time: 100 years.”
Pope Leo felt compelled to ask for St. Michael the Archangel’s help against the agents of Satan on earth whom he recognized already then as having “raised the throne of their abominable impiety” in “the Holy Place itself” with the “iniquitous design that when the Pastor has been struck, the sheep may be scattered.”
The prayer to St. Michael the archangel was added after Mass. But we can see that the tree of Catholicity has really been shaken, and dead fruits are abundant on the ground all around it.

God Bless BJS!!