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Hey everyone, I started a fundraising campaign for TradCat4Christ. Please tap to donate-

As I am doing my best in order to bring the truths of the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith forward and to thwart the efforts of the dissemination of false information about Catholicism that the new Novus Ordo religion has been propagating; I am creating this page in order that I may further my efforts of bringing information to people all over the world.

Money donated to this cause will provide for expenses that include but are not limited to: research and development of religious material for presentation, the development and sustainment of a video apostolate that will help connect people with religious truth around the world, travel expenses, publication of books written by myself or with others on matters of the Faith, other materials suitable to helping all of those who seek to know truth and to do what is necessary in order that they may achieve eternal salvation.

In a nutshell, I am attempting to transition my life efforts into helping everyone I possibly can by discovering the One True Faith as Instituted by Christ Himself and transformed into something else by the 2nd Vatican Council. In order to bring awareness to those who are uneducated on these crucial matters I am attempting to reach out for any and all help that you would be so kind to contribute.

Major donators will be listed on a separate page as well as receive updates and a monthly newsletter on Catholic matters and inspirations as well, will also have the first chance for discounted and/or free literature that I am hoping to publish with the next year. Any donations can be made to the TradCat4Christ donation center at the following link:


Be sure to contact us via email at to help us recognize you for your contributions and add you to our prayer and email list. As more donations are received the features and material that is on this site will get better and together we will be able to spread the Faith around the world again for Christ!

May Jesus, His Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Our Blessed Virgin Mother reign in your homes and your hearts in all you do! God Bless You!

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