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My name is Brian. I was raised a traditional Catholic by my parents, and grandparents. I knew the Faith my whole life but did not necessarily have it. I joined the United States Coast Guard at 19 and lost myself in addiction with little thought to my upbringing. I enjoyed the temporal and apparent goods of this world to excess. I have recently embraced a sober lifestyle after a spiritual awakening that literally brought me to my knees crying. Everything I had learned in my childhood came back to me and I came to the realization that truth is constant. If something is true it always was and always will be, like God. I started looking for the truth in everything and it led me right back to the Faith I had so regretfully abandoned. This has become my sole interest, and I am not trying to say that boastfully and selfishly as I am now also a father. I am saying this from the perspective of having overdosed on everything in this world and still being unhappy.

I regularly attend AA now and my only hobby (when I am not being there for my children) is reading and writing Catholicism, more importantly attempting to live it daily. Nothing else makes me happy, I think it has something to do with the amount of truth, and just how intricately and present Catholicism is everywhere. Most people do not even realize that so much in the ways of music, writing, art, different “Christian”religions, even the Bible, it all came from Catholicism; at least the things that are worth paying attention to. There were times in history when the Church flourished, but there were always enemies. Unfortunately, today there are so many enemies of the Church, as well as it has been turned Protestant by the Second Vatican Council. So now people associate Catholic with so many anti-Catholic heresies.

I am waiting and praying for a true Catholic Pope to return to the throne. Rome has been infiltrated by Modernists and I hope my posts can clarify a lot of misconceptions as well shed some insight on my journey through sobriety and the one religion revealed by God.

Please reach out to me. I want to help you and everyone:

God Bless BJS!!

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    1. Thank you, I happen to be in agreement with this stance and then some. I recommend reading Tumultuous Times by CMRI and Pope Johns Council by Michael Davies, The Anti-Modernist Reader by Bishop Sandborn and Bishop Dolan is very informative as well. It is very hard to believe that even up until Bergolio that the “popes” from John the 23rd onward were even legitimate considering their lack of Catholic practices. Kissing the Qur’an, placing a golden Buddha on the altar of God, holding ecumenical dialogue, while we as lay people do not have the authority to denounce the pope; we do have the obligation to stand up for the Faith. As well one must be Catholic to be the pope, and cannon law states that when one publicly defects from the Faith a declaration is not required to consider them a manifest heretic. As well, Bergolio is the first “Pope” that has not even been a truly ordained priest, and brought in by this “new rite” of the mass. All the others, although in outward appearance heretical, were ordained according to the traditional formula. Please visit for more examples of heretical teaching. God bless.


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