Four Purposes for Which the Mass Is Offered Lesson 3


Holy Mass is a sacrifice offered to God for four particular purposes. These purposes are: to adore Him, to thank Him, to ask for His blessings on all men, and to make up to Him for the sins committed against Him.

The First Purpose

God made us and all things. We belong to Him. He is our Master and Ruler. We owe God the greatest possible honor. This means we must adore Him. In Holy Mass the greatest possible honor is given to God. In Holy Mass Jesus, the Son of God, is the victim of sacrifice. No greater gift could be offered to God. The first purpose for which the Mass is offered is to adore God.

The Second Purpose

It is very easy to forget to offer thanks to God. Yet we received our life, everything we have, from God. Do you remember the story of Our Lord curing ten lepers? Only one leper returned to thank Him. Jesus asked, “Where are the other nine?” Holy Mass is offered to thank God for His many favors. This is the second purpose for which it is offered.

The Third Purpose

Everywhere people have needs. They desire many things that they do not have. They want to keep what they have, at least most of the things. First of all, everyone should want to be a child of God and to remain a child of God. Everyone should desire God’s help to do what is right and to keep from sin. Then there are the needs of people for health and happiness. These are only some of the things people want. Besides, there are the needs of our families and friends and all mankind. There are also the needs of the Church and our country. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered to ask God to give His blessings to all men. The word blessings means good things. This is the third purpose for which Holy Mass is offered.

The Fourth Purpose

Our blessed Lord became man to make up for the sins of men. In committing sin, man disobeys God. An ordinary person could never make up to God for sin. For this reason Jesus, the Son of God, became man and died on the cross. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered to God to make up for sins committed against Him. This is the fourth purpose for which the Mass is offered.

Taken from The Kingdom of God series The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by Ellamay Horan. I am not the Author merely the distributor. God Bless BJS!!

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