Vatican 2: A Weapon of Mass Destruction 

1. If something is true, then like God it always was and always will be. It remains true no matter what. 

2. A good tree cannot bear forth bad fruit, a bad tree cannot bear forth good fruit. 

3. In the Old Testament sacrifices by the Jews were made to appease God, but nothing would atone for original sin (bc it carries infinite demerits against the infinitely good Creator), except an infinite and perpetual sacrifice, which only God the Son could offer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is exactly that, the crucifixion of Christ offered back to the Father in an unbloody manner instituted by Christ Himself

One thought on “Vatican 2: A Weapon of Mass Destruction ”

  1. I watched this video and how it absolutely breaks my heart. Having come from the background that many are now embracing in the Church, all I can say is, they “know not what they do.”

    I fought all of this so much when it tried to come into mine, by myself!!! I did eventually win out on some of it as far as the music, dancing, healing Masses etc… I got that stopped. Even the language in my Church was beginning to change, I got that stopped also.

    Catholics embrace this as they think they know all about it. If I could only tell you how many suicides, bankruptcies, despair, I have encountered through the years, it would make Catholics run so fast away from it all.

    They do not even know how it all started, where it came from, and where it went. I told my Bishop everything about it beginning in 1700. This is sad to me. As I told my Bishop and Priest, “I will worship Jesus under a tree before you ever drag me back into this.”

    Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless, SR


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