Things to Remember…

​”Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath day”. Exodus 20:8

Remain the observer of your bodily desires, not the puppet. Do not associate yourself with them. Keep your true self aside and endure the persistence of these desires.

It is how you glorify God that should detetmine your lifestyle, not the other way around.

He should always be first. He is our first and last. This includes His Will.

Remember He made and maintains you. You have no control over Him.

All good things come from God; therefore all bad things are a product of our environment shaped by the use of free will in all times and places.

God permits bad to bring about a greater good. God is not the Author of Evil. If something unpleasant happens to you it isn’t because God is doing anything to you. He is permitting an oppertunity to suffer through it and offer it to Him for your benefit.

Everything on this Earth is to be used for eternal salvation and glorifying God. Not over indulged in and abused.

Sin is an offense towards God that carries infinite demerits. Because God is all good, and all good comes from Him sin is infinitely in contrast.

Matter is the lowest form of reality, and the closest thing to nothing.

God’s Providence directs all things and nothing escapes His mind and government.

What we do in this life echoes in eternity. That being said, what accomplishments towards the glory of God in this life,  will I take with me for eternity? Or what failures will I have to look at and wish I corrected? 

Worry is like being in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesnt get you anywhere. If you are contrite, stop sinning, keep praying, and move forward with your state in life. Your actions illustrate your contrition. 

Pray the rosary everyday (all decades), don’t just wear it.

Our Blessed Mother is the mediatrix of all grace. Even God humbled Himself by being born through her.

If you keep praying you will either stop praying or stop sinning.

Knowledge is knowing the things of this world. Wisdom is knowing reality.

Charity towards our neighbors show that we love God so much we put all His creatures before ourselves.

Things and people in this world are to be used for our salvation, not to be obsessed over.

Nature and law should be reflections of the Will of God. Not perverted to steer away from God towards men.

Nothing in nature exists for the use of itself. Everything looks to glorify God.

To become a Saint every single moment of your life should be spent for God.

Either you leave material things or they leave you. Things in this world serve as distractions if they are not modest necessities. 

Your state in life determines your basic needs.

Do I need it or do I want it?

Eternity is forever, it doesn’t end. If a bird was instructed to take sand from a beach to the top of the highest mountain 3,000 miles away, one grain at a time; then by the time he finishes moving all the sand eternity will only be beginning.

Catholic comes from the Hebrew word “Catholo” meaning universal or everywhere the same.

Outside the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Being in union with the Catholic Church means exteriorly and interiorly. This is the religion revealed by God. Every other religion was made up by men who are not Christ nor of Christ. They have either turned their backs on His Church or tried to change what a perfect God instituted.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a non-Catholic Christian. You either accept all the teachings of Christ and His Church or are in Protest.

The more you know Him, the more you love Him, the more you will want to serve Him.

Mental prayer is the best way to go about your day. Turn off your technology, listen to Truth. Find a saint you can relate to or enjoy, and follow them to God.

Things that lead to the true God are not idolatry. These things, be they saints or sacramentals only further glorify the Creator of all things.

Everything in our lives, should be done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

We have four different accounts that all state “this IS my body, this IS my blood.” Christ did not say, “this represents my body,  or this is kind of like my blood.” GOD said IS. And so it was, just like everything He wills for us.

Men fall into sin because they lose the thought of the presence of God.

If you have 100 gallons of pure filtered water, and then you add one drop of poison its all tainted. It works the same for the truth. Check your sources!

“Pope” John 23rd and every “pope” since him, the people who call themselves Catholic and recognize these anti-popes, and their subordinates; along with the Vatican 2 Council and all the bad fruits they bare, are heretical and NOT Catholic. They are Protestant disguised as Catholic clergy to shake the faithful into becoming faithless, and this has been foretold in Scripture.

There are two ways to completely destroy something. You can either kill it or, you change it into something else entirely.

The Puritans were another Protestant group that thought they had the answers and they no longer exist.

Columbus, Mozart, Michelangelo, and Christians before 1500 were Catholic; as well the trends of modern art, western music, and everything else that we see becoming worse and worse as it gets further from glorifying God.

Listen and read not for what you want to hear and see, but look for the Truth in all things for it is there you will find God.

Do not rely on your expectations of how life should be, adjust to how it is and offer the rest to Him.

more to come…

God Bless BJS!!

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