Are You Idle?

“But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall render an account for it in the day of judgment.” Matthew 12:36

The more we think of God the more we want Him and to think about Him. We desire His Will above all things. When we stop thinking about God, we stop directing our attention and love to Him. We start to think about ourselves, our selfish wills, and our wants disguised as needs. The devil gets into our heads if we don’t already start to have idle thoughts. He plays with images and thoughts to tempt us and lead us to sin. He whispers and provokes with no remorse. And the best of his accomplishments are to get someone to not believe he is there, ever.
Hardly anyone today believes, salvation or damnation is not the center of much focus today. Most everyone believes they hold the truth in their own interpretation of the way life should be according to them. There is no authority, to answer to, therefore there are no punishments to merit. This in turn allows many to consistently break the commandments of God without care. A greater portion of people cant even recite the commandments, how can one keep the commandments if they don’t even know them?

What do we do when we know our life purpose? Our final end with God that should take precedence over everything. We work it out with fear and trembling! With Faith, Hope, and Charity we merit our salvation by doing His Will. This is not achieved in one day, it is not even achieved in a year. Perfection of one’s soul takes a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice,  God gives us all the tools, as well there are present plenty of distractions and obstacles. How do we know we are doing the Will of God? And what can we do but everything we can daily to obtain it.

In many examples of lives of the saints the thing found common amongst all of them was that they stayed busy. If they were not cleaning, or doing charitable work then they were praying. Or they were praying and doing these works. They were productive, constructive, and never sat idle to allow themselves the possibility of being tempted to sin. St. Martin de Porres is often depicted with a broom in one hand and a rosary in the other. Many Saints were gardners, or spent their time in the confessionals, or traveling to the sick, teaching children, giving to the poor, visiting the incarcerated,  helping the elderly, etc. The greatest tool they used during these times was mental prayer.

The beauty of mental prayer is that you can enter dialogue with God, the Blessed Virgin, your guardian angel, and Saints anytime you want. You can implore their intercession, they can ask God for Actual Graces on their behalf for you, they can teach you how to approach certain situations with their examples of living. You can do it while you clean, or drive,  or when you walk. All you have to do is shut off the music, tv, and put the phone down.

Start reading Catholic literature,  listen to sermons from real traditional priests, learn the truth about God not the many falsehoods the Vatican and learned Bible worshippers now produce. Take God’s Word for everything, it is produced by His Church that offers perpetual sacrifice daily to honor and appease Him who is worthy of all glory. You cannot go wrong with what is truly right. Stop following people who say one thing and do another. Ask God for His Will to be shown to you everyday and it will soon become apparent the tests and opportunities that He allows to happen and that is provided in order that you do the right things.

Do not waste time complaining, moaning, and groaning. They are plenty of people doing that for all eternity. Pains and sorrows are coming know matter what, embrace your cross, step outside of your comfort because this world is not our home anyway. Start building your eternal crown, and the merits that will accompany you for eternity. When one does their best to focus on God constantly and the things of God, interest in everything else starts to dull. The more you get to know God love naturally follows. When you love someone with your whole heart and soul, you want to sacrifice your life in order to serve theirs. There is no one better to serve but our Ultimate Master and Creator from which all good flows. Find truth in things and you will find God. Sit idle and you will be swallowed by the prince of this world.

God Bless BJS!!

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