What Can You Say To Those Who Will Not Listen?

“He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me.”(Luke 10:16)

These words were spoken of Our Lord to the Apostles, in propagation of His Church. Many of us know of loved ones or friends,  who although we would give our all for them out of love of them, turn their backs to us when we say things to try and help them. Usually from pride, these people hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see, much to the liking of the ancient Pharisees who had Our Lord crucified.

Crucified,  despite all the miracles, prophecies, and teachings, they witnessed first hand out of a voluntary pride that blinded them. The Jewish race exists today as a testament to the miracles Jesus performed while on Earth. Although they deny Christ as God, they do not deny His miracles witnessed by so many. Were the Jews not present today, our Catholic life could be said to be made up, and our beliefs based on folklore or fairy tales. Jesus Christ proved Himself not so much by words as His actions. He willingly laid down His life, in a public display of humiliation,  beatings, scourging, mockery, and hatred towards Him. Hatred by the very people who welcomed him with open arms and layed down palms in His path a week earlier when He rode into town on a donkey out of humility.

It is only by our constant attitude of charity, servitude, humility, meekness, forgiveness and the likes that we can turn the most hardened person into one of the same. It is hard to deal with anyone who dislikes you just for how you look, how you speak, or carry yourself. We are all God’s creatures, even your greatest enemy is a creature of God. God wants every single soul to be with Him in Heaven, even more than we want to be with Him.

We all know that true love is sacrifice. Sacrifice of one’s life for another. Does that mean you have to die for this person to show them true love? Or die for God? No, it does not. It may be considered a blessing to be given the chance to become a martyr for God, but not everyone who loves God is called to this. So the next best thing? Dying to ourselves.

Mortification of our wills, our sensual pleasures, everything and anything that might get in the way of service to God and charity to our neighbors. We can not prove love with words, but only by action. The things of this world serve to comfort and distract us from two of the most important reasons we exist, and that is for the love of God and our neighbor. The Devil is the prince of this world, but another title of his is the king of lies. The things in this world only appear good, but only offer temporal happiness until we pursue more and more of what we cling to, whether it be love from others, money, drugs…they do nothing but serve as a distraction to the one thing that can fulfill all of our needs for happiness for all eternity, Our Creator.

It is hard to not get wrapped up in all the day to day things we think we need. If one were to keep in mind that our only purpose for every thought, word, and action of everyday is meant for the greater glory of God and obtaining for Him souls to share in His glory, how free of these worldly things and affairs life becomes! People may look at you and think you’re crazy, or hate you, or want to hurt you, but we must leave all that to God. For it is God alone who has every hair on our heads accounted for. And it is to God alone on our day of judgement that we will have to render an account for everything we have said and done in this passing life. An account that will decide our fates for all eternity. This is a passing life, with incomplete happiness. Sadness, despair, anger, and depression when things do not go our way.

If I had to make an account for the past ten years of my life at this point, I would go straight to Hell. I have been a selfish, angry, controlling,  depressed drunk. Let go and let God. I can not control everything so why try? Pray, listen, love, and most importantly SERVE. Serve everyone else. Serve everyone so that in the end you might be served with eternal justice and happiness. Be an example to others, the world already teaches us enough about hatred, lust, envy, pride and all of that. Even when we are selfish and get what we want we are still unhappy. So why not be joyous in doing the work of Our Lord, for love of Him who gave us this life? Then when our day of judgement comes, we can say we strived everyday to bring Him more souls so that our happiness with Him will be that much greater.

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