Enjoying the Natural Silence

“For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world,  and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for soul?” Matthew 16:26

Finally being in the mountains of New Hampshire and away from the hustle and bustle. Sitting in a little bunkhouse cabin overlooking Mt. Madison and Mt. Adams with Mt. Washington behind them which is the tallest mountain on the East Coast. Looking forward to some hiking and pictures with the kids.

Thinking about our purpose in life, it is interesting to watch those who do not really have an understanding of God or the purpose in which we exist. I say that not in a way to be a bigot or have a “mightier than thou” attitude,  but I say it because the very foundation for a person carrying out his/her life functions is driven by a core belief or lack there of. Growing up I was taught in my catechism that God made us because He loves us. He wants us to be happy with Him in Heaven and we do that by knowing, loving, and serving Him in this world.

What an extremely simple concept, an extremely basic way of life that can easily attain one an eternal moment of bliss with Our Creator. As I have stated before, this is our garden of Eden. We have our apples and distractions in front of us all the time. The Devil is constantly pushing more things in front of us to distract us from glorifying God, instead people become selfish and do what they want. They start their own religions, they give their own interpretations of the Word of God,  the place emphasis on political correctness,  civil rights, and brotherly love so much so that God’s Will and Commandments are considered a guide to living as opposed to the way we are suppose to be living. Or even, as traditional Catholics so often are called, radical.

God has become a fairy tale, a nursery rhyme according to some people. The Jesus that a lot of people think of is not the Jesus of the Gospels. He is painted by people as a good person, our buddy, our friend, and a good example of how we SHOULD be but don’t HAVE to be. People, He IS God. He is the Second Person in the Blessed Trinity. He created everything out of nothing! He mentions Hell over fifty times in the New Testament. He came to us the first time out of His infinite mercy for the sinner, which is all of us. He told us what to do, He established His Church, He reigned in the hearts of thousands of saints and millions of others, all over the world for over two thousand years. His life on Earth is the center of it all.

The second time He comes will be out of His infinite justice. He is infinitely merciful, but also infinitely just, or He would not be God. But the Devil has whispered into so many people’s ears, “just be the best you can, love each other and take what you want out of the religion He established and enjoy yourself.” The whole notion of Hell, Sin, The Devil, Purgatory,  praying for the dead…anything with a negative connotation in these Protestant religions and versions of the Bible, is taken away, changed, or downplayed. The biggest victory for Satan is to make you believe that he doesnt exist. And he is doing a pretty good job with the majority of the world.

Ultimately, if there are no repercussions for your actions, because they are not even mentioned in most “Christian religions,” then who cares if you are adulterous, or if you steal, or dishonor your parents, or spend all your time on the sabbath worshipping a sport; who cares because there is nothing to worry about right? As long as you are a good person, in your own mind…”God is good He wouldn’t just send people to Hell for eternity because they blew him off for all this cool technology,  and gay pride.” But, human beings have thrown off the natural order for everything, and they don’t care. As long as they get there fill, and no one messes with their stuff. People consider themselves “good” for just having woken up to greet another day! I’m sorry, but if all good comes from God,  you do not become “good” because you raised your kids to be selfish, or because you do not stand up for the millions of babies being slaughtered every year, or just from doing what you think is “good”. You become a good person when you do the Will of God,  and His Will, His Way, His Truth alone gets you to Heaven no one else’s,  not even your own.

I am just happy today to be sober, tomorrow is six months. I am going to really enjoy spending a week with my kids outside and hope to teach them a lot, and have fun!

God Bless BJS!

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