Timeline of “Christian Churches”

-Latest Churches that decided using their own interpretation of the Bible to do whatever.

-Charismatic renewal (1968-1970’s) : Non-denominational pastors

-1914: Assemblies of God by former evangelical pastors, Hot Springs, Arkansas

-1908: Church of the Nazarene, Phineas F. Bresee in California

-1907: Church of God (Pentecostal) Ambrose J. Tomlinson

-1901: Pentecostal Churches, Charles Parham/John Seymore Topeka, Kansas

-1879: Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, LA California

-1865: Salvation Army, William Booth, London

-1830: Mormons, Joseph Smith, New York

-1827: Disciples of Christ/Church of Christ, Thomas and Alexander Campbell in Kentucky

-1800: United Brethren, Philip Otterbein and Martin Boehim in Maryland USA

-1739: Methodist Episcopal John and Charles Wesley, England

-1609: Baptist (Anabaptist) John Smyth England

-1600: Congregational Church (1582 Robert Brown) England

-1560: Presbyterian, John Knox Scotland

-1534: Anglican (Church of England), King Henry VIII

-1524: Lutheran Church, Martin Luther

Church founded by Christ has to go back to the time of Christ, it’s doctrines must be the same as the Apostolic Church, it’s leaders must be able to trace there authority back to the Apostles, it must be available to all people for all time.  The Catholic Church is the only one that meets these requirements.

As shown Protestant Churches started popping up after the printing press was invented when people could have their own copies of the Bible and interpret it their own way.  Not one Protestant religion existed before the Lutheran Church.  So for 1500 years all Christians were Catholic. And with all these new “religions” come different versions of the Bible to tailor to that particular heretical group, with verses altered, or whole books taken out. As well, schools of theology, ministry, and education centers for children based on these protesting religions. All promoting and spreading error and heretical teaching to the one Church Christ founded with His Apostles.

In a later post we will discuss what has happened to the Catholic Church since the Vatican 2 council, why it looks so Protestant now and where the True Catholic Church can be found.

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