New Hampshire

We are getting ready to head up North to NH in the Randolph area. I have never been and taking a 13 hour car trip with the kids will be an experience in itself. We probably spend more time than that in the car in a week.

I am looking forward to a nature experience again and hopefully ridding myself of nicotine all together. Testing my patience and humility will come all day everyday I am sure of it. I plan to pray, read, write, and post a lot! But sometimes what we have planned is not what God has planned for us. AA and a lot of reading about the lives of saints has taught me that if I rely on myself and have all these expectations of everyone and everything I will constantly become disappointed, which is part of the reason I was drunk all the time.

I have to continue to wake up each day and offer it to God along with all my physical, mental, and emotional pains and sufferings. I am in control of nothing but my own words and actions. Through prayer and meditation I can learn how I should act on a daily basis to give glory to God. Its when I think of my needs and desires that I become selfish and easily drunk with problems.

I am looking forward to stepping out of myself even more this trip and trying to better tune myself with His Will and not mine. I am hoping I can have a better understanding of emotions as well be a better Catholic,  and father. The past two months of being at home taking care of four children have been hard, and tremendously educational for me. I will look forward to going back to work soon but for now I am soaking it up!

God bless, BJS


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